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Kids Adventure

Welcome to the Outer Banks first and longest running Kid Adventure charter! Rock On Charters takes a great deal of pride in offering one of the only fishing charters here on the beach that specifically caters to families and children. Taking a kid fishing is one of the best adventures the Outer Banks has to offer. When you take the little ones fishing you want them to enjoy the day out on the water. Well, that is what we are here for. While fishing with Capt. Marc your kids will receive the professional tips and learn the skills needed to go home and show their friends the awesome new stuff they did while on vacation. We supply all the equipment needed to get them hooked on fishing. All tackle used on these trips is size appropiate, the little ones really don't need to be holding the same rod that dad is fishing with. The Kid Adventure is something the entire family will enjoy as there is always excitement in the air and fish in the boat! Please do your research on the Kid Adventure trips as many other charters are now running them due to lack of business and not for the sake of the customers.


We will be fishing in the sounds that surround the Outer Banks, which allows us to do a little sight seeing as well. The view from the water is more spectacular than what you see while driving down the road. On most trips we will be able to find and watch dolphin as they swim and play alongside the boat, while the little ones beg to touch one. Some trips will take us by Pelican Island, where we can watch them flying in formation or diving for food.

We usually catch anywhere from 5 to 10 different species of fish throughout the trip. They will have the opportunity to bait the hook,cast, catch and release the fish. And if it’s a keeper, they can take home dinner!

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